About crepe makers

A crepe maker comes in three variations: a stovetop, gas and electric crepe maker. They have different sizes and made of different materials which determine the outcome of the crepes. Depending on the type, they also make pancakes, tortillas and eggs. A stovetop crepe maker is like a pan, but it explicitly is made for traditional crepe recipes allowing them to gain a favourable brown colour. They can completely be dipped in water, making them easy to clean. Gas crepe makers are strong, safe and reliable and offer precision cooking. Most have a stainless steel casing and have an adjustable thermostat dial. An electric crepe maker is an appliance designed to be on a countertop and precisely made for crepes. Some models are however suitable to prepare other meals like pancakes, blinis and eggs. They do not require a lot of knowledge to operate them, and they allow one to make crepes quickly. It is, therefore, fitting for making crepes for a large number of people promptly. A professional crepe maker has conventional working mechanisms, but it offers higher performance. They are suitable for commercial use as they have larger diameters, and some professional crepe makers have double plates with autonomous controls. Using crepe makers is quite easy. You let it get warm, grease it lightly then gently spread the crepe batter on it. The waiting time is approximately one minute.

About plancha grills

There are three types of plancha grills: a charcoal, gas and electric plancha grill. They have a circular heating component that heats the flat top radially, achieving more than 350 degrees Celcius. It makes the cooking surface very hot and gets it ready for cooking in 5 minutes or less. The best plancha grill allows one to prepare numerous dishes on its surface, including fruits and vegetables while preserving the flavours. Charcoal plancha grills take longer to get ready as you have to wait for the embers to get hot fully. Gas and electric plancha grills have dials or buttons to regulate the heat for optimized quality of food and its taste. The best plancha grill is easy to clean as the food only has contact with the cooking surface. All you need is a spray and a spatula. The meals do not dry out on a plancha grill. It is because they do not have direct contact with the flame. The dishes sear on the surface, and the oil drips to the grease tray. It is beneficial for healthy cooking since cooking oil does not fall on the flames to release toxins. The plancha grills are suitable for small dishes like vegetable pieces and large dishes like whole steaks or ribs. They are also reliable with great cooking precision offering high quality and healthy dishes.